Tech tip: Five must-have apps for every student

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Want to be a better student? Take a break from Instagram and Snapchat. Instead, check out my picks for must-have apps to focus and organize your study time.

My Study Life

Organization is key to acing your coursework. Even if you use Google Calendar or a paper planner, this app takes organizing to a new level. Designed specifically for students, the app lets you input your whole semester schedule so you never have to worry about forgetting any assignment or missing any deadline. It syncs across platforms and offers reminder notifications to help you keep track of exams, assignments and school breaks. The app is free and available on iOS, Android, PCs, and web.


Another organizer app, but for your class notes. It comes with handy features for clipping and storing web pages, images and PDF files. Evernote also has syncing and sharing capabilities. You can add in multimedia content such as  photos, videos, audio files and sketches. Available in free and paid versions, the free version limits you to a monthly upload quota and two-device-only sync. Microsoft OneNote and Google Keep are other free apps with similar features.


You might have bumped into this app while searching for quiz answers online. Quizlet is the perfect app for creating study sets. You can use its flashcard feature, practice vocabularies, create mock quizzes,  design interactive diagrams and even play interactive study games. Furthermore, you can also search for other popular course study sets. Quizlet is available for free on iOS, Android and the web.

Office Lens

A scanner in your phone; this app from Microsoft is one of the best photo scanners available. Take photos of your notes, documents, whiteboards, blackboards, receipts—then convert them into a clean-looking shareable photo file. Office Lens also lets you take photos from any angle and edit them so that even photos taken from the far side of the classroom will look good. You can save photos into your preferred file format (PDF, Word or PowerPoint). Office Lens is available for both iOS and Android.


This is a must-have app for any job-hunting student. Subscribe to it to receive notifications of new job postings in your chosen career field. With its huge database of company profiles and reviews from past and present employees, Glassdoor provides transparency so you can decide if you really want to work for a company. The app is available for both iOS and Android and on the web.