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As campuses surge with protests calling for an end to the war in Israel, a naked truth is laid bare, antisemitism is alive and well in the U.S. 

As thousands of students plunge college campuses across the country into a state of chaos to “free Palestine,” it is no surprise that antisemitism flows within the movement. 

Haute Dish Annual Springs Reading

Each semester work is submitted for [blind] voting by a volunteer editorial staff, which consists of current Metro students working in the areas of prose, poetry and art.

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Is 'Talk to Me' Worth Watching? A Review

A24 Studios has been on a winning streak recently, particularly with the success of “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” which garnered numerous awards, including several Oscars.

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Spring Glow Up- Korean Skincare Forecast for 2024

As the sun’s rays grow bolder and spring blossoms, skincare enthusiasts across the globe prepare their annual routine refresh. While self-care rituals are deeply personal, navigating the vast skincare landscape can be daunting.


Tools for trusting information in a world of information overload

One of the main advantages of developing technology is that a wealth of information and data is freely available to anyone with an internet connection.

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7 places to shop instead of Shein, Zara or H&M

In this age of instant gratification, overconsumption, and willingness to sacrifice quality over quantity, subpar clothing has become the norm for the average consumer.