As campuses surge with protest calling for an ending of war in Israel, a naked truth is laid bare, anti-semitism is alive and well in the U.S.

As thousands of students plunge college campuses across the country into a state of chaos to “free Palestine,” it is no surprise that antisemitism flows within the movement. 

7 places to shop instead of Shein, Zara or H&M

In this age of instant gratification, overconsumption, and willingness to sacrifice quality over quantity, subpar clothing has become the norm for the average consumer. The increased demand for the next hottest trend or outfit but at a cheaper price gave birth to places such as Zara, Shein, H&M, etc. 

Roe V. Wade was overturned: We need a bold movement to win back our bodies

The reality is that those who have the least access to money and privilege are being impacted. Women of means can afford to travel out of state to get abortions. So yes, I am mad as hell. And so are millions of people in this country.

Empowering Change: Minnesota Premieres “It’s Basic” Documentary, Fanning the Flames of the Guaranteed Income Movement

Filmmaker Marc Levin’s powerful documentary shed light on the transformative impact of the guaranteed income movement on communities nationwide. Hosted by St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter, the event gathered fervent community members ready to ignite change through a guaranteed income.

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Politics & Government

A Look at Some of the Bills Which Were Made New Laws from the 2023 Legislative Session

On the 23rd of May, the 2023 legislative session ended here in Minnesota, and any hope for legislation not yet passed by both the House and Senate met its fate in the trash bin of history.

Tech & Science

Minnesota Rokkr Home Series

Call of Duty E-Sports is back! The Major V series kicks off in person in the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The Arts

Keep Doing Art

When people go to prison, one of the first things we learn is to “do your time.” Art as an outlet, as a therapy can transport us, and shows us how to strive for freedom.


Game Night @ Metro!

Need a break from homework? Come to Game Night! Located in Metro State Library’s Fireplace Lounge, you can play exciting video games like Just Dance, Super Mario many more on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4.