Don’t swap free speech for safe space at Metro State

I read with inter­est Mitesh Rai’s opin­ion piece (“Char­lottesville on my mind”) in the Sep­tem­ber 2017 issue of The Met­ro­pol­i­tan. I agree with Rai that the events in Char­lottesville on August 11 – 12 were tragic and rep­re­sented a sig­nif­i­cant step back­ward as a nation.

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A hawk’s-eye view of high school

Sur­real. That’s the only word I can find to describe my emo­tions that day. It’s one thing if you see a dis­as­ter hit some­where else and you think, “Oh, those poor people”.

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Don’t let local elections go below the radar

The list of issues that affect our day-to-day lives goes on and on: body cam­eras on police offi­cers; well-maintained roads; bike lanes; fair and afford­able hous­ing; prop­erty taxes; parks and libraries; garbage col­lec­tion; good schools; and the fight over the $15 min­i­mum wage.

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