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Studio arts professor Amy Sands discusses depth and contrast in Yareli Ortiz Villarreal’s ballpoint pen drawing assignment in the Introduction to Drawing class during the summer semester. Students were asked to complete 2 pieces: a countour line drawing from a still life using graphite (bottom) and a perspective drawing using a ballpoint pen (top). All assignments were displayed on the wall of the fine arts studio as students took turns offering feedback to their classmates for the final project. Photo by Dominique Hlavac.

Defying labels & making an imprint

It all started with paper. “My father worked at a paper mill so he used to bring huge rolls of paper home and I used to draw grow­ing up. So I’ve always had a strong love of paper,” said Amy Sands, Metro State’s new asso­ciate pro­fes­sor of Stu­dio Arts.

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