Get involved, don’t snub the clubs


What do you tell yourself to justify not joining a student organization? “I’m too busy.” “I’m only on campus once a week.” “I’m too old for student clubs.” Well, it’s time to ditch the excuses. After all, this isn’t a silly New Year’s resolution—it’s your educational career. There’s one simple way to get more out of your college experience: join a club.

Metro State is obviously not a traditional, residential college. It was developed around non-traditional students, which include working adults, commuters, parents and veterans. Because of all that Metro State students juggle, they may not be aware of the student organizations and events that the university offers.

Getting involved in a student organization has numerous benefits, including creating friendships, building a sense of community, networking, and developing professional and soft skills. Plus it’s free and fun! You deserve all the skills and swag you can get from participating in campus life.  

One of Metro State’s goals is to “learn in, from, and with the urban communities where we are located.” Participating in a club is one way for students to help the university meet this goal and create a sense of community on campus. You’ll have the opportunity to give back to the Twin Cities through volunteer activities, like the Social Work Student Association’s winter clothing drive.

In a club you’ll meet others with similar interests and educational backgrounds. This will help you build your support system at school. You need Metro State friends!  You can vent about classes and group projects. You can share tips and tricks for navigating the university system. Together, you will be better prepared for professors, class content, graduation—and the career ahead of you.

Professional networking is another benefit of participating in campus student organizations. Many clubs help their members attend professional conferences in Minnesota and across the country.  When alumni and career professionals come to campus, they bring an insider’s look at various career paths and can provide you with beneficial contacts after graduation.

Student organizations host events that can enhance your professional credentials and soft skills. Some recent events on campus include student research presentations, blood pressure screenings, massage demonstrations and American Sign Language (ASL) conversations. On campus events let you practice professional skills in a safe environment. Plus you can develop essential soft skills, like leadership and teamwork.

Metro State truly has a club for everyone. You can join an organization based on your degree program, like the Nursing Student Organization or the Psych Club. Or find new friends you can identify with in the International Student Organization or the First-Generation College Student Organization. Or explore your hobbies in Film Club or Writer’s Think Tank.

To find your perfect club, head to the Student Life and Leadership Development office in the Student Center or point your browser to Soon enough you’ll be hearing: “Welcome to the club.”