Students says Metro State needs hot water

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Metropolitan State University should provide hot water dispensers around campus all year round, so that students can easily make their own drinks and food. Hot water dispensers are a common courtesy; you can see them everywhere—in the airport nursery room, the clinic, the hotel lobby. Why not at the university? 

The main reason why we need readily available hot water is because of the geographical environment. What is one word that best describes Minnesota?  For me, that word is “cold.” Who doesn’t want a warm drink in cold weather? 

With a hot water dispenser, students from different countries would be able to make their own favorite instant coffee brand to ease homesickness. Students could have healthy hot tea, like chamomile, to relieve stress and anxiety. There are many kinds of herbal tea made from fruits, seeds or roots that, when steeped in hot water, may boost energy or even heal colds.

Students could also use hot water to make a fast meal, such as instant noodles, mashed potatoes, instant pasta, soup or oatmeal. Such meals are available at many stores and are easy to enjoy. These meals can save students lots of time and money.  

It is important to some Asian students to be able to consume a hot beverage. The campus could be respectful of other cultures by making hot water available.  With a relatively small investment, Metropolitan State University can provide this beneficial service for its busy, international student body.