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Brayden Mann

Our exceptionally talented leader, Brayden is the glue that keeps The Metropolitan churning out monthly issues.

Kevin J. Franken
Associate editor

Evelyn May
Copy editor

Joseph Parsons
Online administrator

The current online administrator, Joseph is a "mediocre writer, pretty okay programmer" (his words) who has been tasked with the continued development of The Metropolitan Online. He designed the "issue" layout of multiple excerpted articles on one page, the author pages, the AJAX mechanism that causes pages to load seemlessly into eachother, and the Facebook friendly markup that makes it easy to post our individual articles to social media.

Additional Website Credits

Our website, The Metropolitan Online, was originally developed by Levi King, who thought that our previous approach -- posting chunky PDFs on our hard-to-access OrgSync page -- was limiting online readership. As part of his capstone project, he designed and built The Metropolitan Online around a simple database structure still in use today.

Helping him were Ben Michaels and Seth Moudry, who together designed a set of Java tools to easily convert Doc and DocX files into an HTML archive format that could be easily imported into The Metropolitan's database. Thanks to this, several years worth of articles (over a thousand) are now being slowly added to The Metropolitan Online, many of which weren't previously available online.